Coffee Bean Descriptions

COSTA RICA TARRAZU: Bright citrus acidity, sweet, lighter bodied.

GUATEMALA HUEHUETENANGO: Nice acidity with floral notes, medium body, clean finish.

MEXICO CHIAPAS: Good acidity, nutty/earthy flavor, medium body.

PANAMA BOQUETE: Rounded body and balanced acidity, light notes of fruit and dark cocoa.

COLOMBIA SUPREMO: Full dense body, medium acidity with caramel sweetness.

BRAZIL CERRADO NATURAL: Silky body, low acidity, nut and milk chocolate flavor.

ETHIOPIA SIDAMO NATURAL: Medium body, pleasant acidity with berry like fruit notes.

KENYA AA: Beautiful ruby red grapefruit acidity, well balanced with big body.

TANZANIA PEABERRY: Medium body and good acidity with light fruity and earthy notes.

SUMATRA MANDHELING: Low acidity with great body, dark loamy earthiness and bakers cocoa.